Why Us

  • Simple, transparent and fair dealing.
  • Hassle free and peace of mind.
  • At the convenience of your house or office.
  • Fair price without depreciation.
  • Instant cash in advance.
  • Fast and efficient.
  • We complete the paperwork for you.
  • Human valuation process for higher quotes.
  • All types of cars, vans and motorbikes.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Quote valid for 7 days.
  • Free collection all over the UAE.
  • You can use the fast valuation form for emergency sale.
  • We assure the guaranteed sale of your vehicle.
  • Easy car inspection in Dubai
Sell Car Online

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For Immediate and Distress sale

    Certified Car Buyer Dubai
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    The shift from conventional to online buying process entails a great deal of change, during which we maintained our ethics, professionalism and even our showrooms. After 40 years in conventional pre-owned car buying process, it is high time for us to shift to the online process. Now, sell a car online with us in a very easy convenient and hassle-free process. Sell any car in Dubai at a very effective and profitable deal.

    Step 1:

    Sell Car At Best Price

    Value Your car for free

    Enter your city, email and contact number, and fill the car valuation form. You will receive SMS and email with the initial value for your car and a code. Be precise, as the price will be based on the fair market value of your car and the details you entered.

    Step 2:

    Free Inspection Visit

    Take an appointment for free inspection visit

    If you are happy with the initial value, enter the code to book an appointment for inspection visit. Do not worry, most of the time the initial value will be the same as the final value. We will confirm appointment by telephone before our team member move to you.

    Step 3:

    Take Instant Cash

    Take instant cash

    Once you are happy with our final price, you can sign the simple contract and get paid directly, provided that you have all the necessary documents with you. The required documents are original DL, original Emirates ID and original vehicle ownership certificate. Check FAQ If the car is not yours or if it is financed.

    Step 4:

    Free Car Collection

    Free collection

    After you get paid, we will collect your car free of charge. You can evaluate your experience with us by filling the feedback form. Get all the paperwork and post-sale obligations by us at free of cost for your complete peace of mind. Now, sell your car any minute.

    Certified Car Buyer

    Are you a certified car buyer?

    Yes, we are. We have an official certificate from the government as a registered used vehicle dealer. This will help you to get a good deal and assure you that you are getting a genuine deal.

    Car Buying Company

    Are you a dully registered car buying company?

    Yes, we are. We are registered with the Government of UAE. We are one of the best used car dealers in Dubai. Now, sell your used car in Dubai at a very profitable cost. We provide a free car inspection.

    Sell Used Car DubaiWhich areas do you collect cars from?

    From the seven Emirates of the UAE. We collect your used car from Dubai as well. We provide car valuation in Dubai. Sell your car at the best price with us. Book an appointment now online with us.

    Sell Car OnlineCan you finish the process from my home or office?

    Yes, as long as you have the required documents with you. We can complete the process without the need for you to accompany us. You can sign the simple sale contract from the convenience of your home or office, and we will do the rest.

    Car Inspection DubaiHow do I know that the people coming to my home or office for inspection visit are from your company?

    They come after on an agreed appointment. They wear our uniform and carry the appropriate identification and business cards. All our company’s staff has their identity cards, and they all wear our company’s uniform having the logo of our company.

    Car Inspection VisitHow long does the car inspection visit take?

    The selling process should not take more than 25 minutes, including the short test drive, during which you will be asked to accompany our team member. After the inspection and test drive, you will be offered the final price for your car and you will choose the method of payment.

    Car Valuation DubaiWhy is the human car valuation better than computer-based car valuation?

    So many times the computer-based car valuation processes give unfair car valuation. The human touch is a must when it comes to giving the highest and most fair value to car owners.

    Sell My CarDo you buy written off cars?

    Yes, we do. But we need the police report. You need to provide to us a copy of the police complaint lodged by you in the police station with full details of the incident and the final report.

    Sell My CarDo you buy damaged cars?

    Yes, we do. But we need the police report. You have to give us the copy of FIR lodged by you in the police station having the full details of the accident with the final report. We will cross-check that report and if found true we will proceed.

    Private Number PlateI have a private number plate with my car, are you interested?

    We will be happy to buy your private number plate. This will be subject to a separate evaluation and process. We also provide extra benefits for such types of cars. Our evaluation process is totally different for these cars from the usual process.

    Sell Car At Best PriceIs the price offered to me online a final one?

    It is subject to the result of the inspection visit. On rare occasions, we pay even more than what we offered online. Sometimes we pay a little less. In most cases, we pay the same. The change in the price offered will depend totally on the inspection visit.

    Sell Car With No Hidden FeesAre there any website charges?

    No. We don’t have any hidden fees. No website charges, visiting charges, inspection charges, etc. are taken from you. Each and every charge is clearly justified to you before the inspection visit.

    Get Instant CashHow long it takes to pay me?

    After the inspection visit and the test drive, as soon as we agree on the price, you will take your cash straight away, give a copy of the required documents and sign the contract.

    Required DocumentsWhat are the required documents to sell my car?

    • Original driving license.
    • Original Emirates ID.
    • Original vehicle ownership certificate.

    Sell Imported CarsMy car is imported from the USA, Japan or other regions. Are you still interested in buying?

    It is fine. We will buy it. But we need the registration certificate and the vehicle owner certificate of that country. And all other original emirates id is required. It is one of the best websites to sell a car.

    Sell Car DubaiDo you buy my car if the bank still holds the title?

    It is normal that the lending bank will hold the title of the vehicle for the entire duration of the car loan. It is no problem for us, and we used to buy such cars, provided that the seller will be with us during the process of paying off the outstanding amount to the bank.

    Sell Car With LoanCan I sell my car with a loan on it?

    You need to know exactly how much you still owe your lender so that you can get a clear title. Check with your lender before you proceed with the car selling process.

    Car Valuation ValidityFor how many days your valuation is valid?

    The car valuation is valid for 7 days only. After completion of 7 days, your valuation will expire, and you need to book another appointment with us. We will send one of our team members for the inspection of your car and will provide the new valuation to you.

    Sell a Car With OwnerIs it possible to sell a car on behalf of someone else?

    It is fine as long as you have the owner’s ID and driving license. In this case, the money will be transferred to or deposited in the bank account of the owner. Therefore the bank details must match those on the owner’s ID.

    Sell Car On Behalf Of a CompanyIs it possible to sell a car on behalf of a company?

    Yes, but you need to bring an authorization letter on the company’s official letterhead, signed by the authorized signatory and stamped. In this case, the money will be transferred to or deposited in the company’s bank account. Therefore, the bank account details must match those on the car documents.

    Fast Car ValuationMy car is not included in the free evaluation form. What do I do?

    You can simply fill the fast valuation form, give us a ring or drop us an email. The fast valuation form is available on our website. Fill in the required details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Our Opening HoursWhat are your opening hours?

    From 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. However, you can apply for valuation through our website anytime. Our website is available for you 24/7. We will get back to you during our working hours.

    Car Inspection AppointmentHow can I book an appointment for car inspection?

    After you agree on our initial price, you can book an appointment online. Our team members will confirm the appointment by telephone before they come to you. After the confirmation of the appointment, one of our team members will reach to you for inspection.

    Collect My CarWill you collect my car?

    After we close the deal and you take your cash, we will collect the car for free. We will collect your car from your home/office and handover the documents to you.

    Collect Car Before PaymentDo you collect my car before payment?

    No, we never collect the car before making the full payment. After the inspection, you will be given the final valuation and the whole amount will be paid to you in cash in your hand. After paying the full amount we will take the car.

    Contact To VisitHow many times will you contact me?

    After receiving the online evaluation request, we will contact you via email or SMS to tell you about the value of your car. Once you accept our offer, we will contact you to arrange the time and date of the inspection visit. The visit will be at your most convenient time and place.

    Feedback And ComplainHow can I give feedback or make a complaint about the inspection or buying teams?

    We promise to do our best to provide a top quality service to our customers. However, if you are not fully happy with your experience, please send your complaint to complain@carfordirhams.com

    Once you send this email, you will see how keen we are to ensure you are happy with our services.

    Contact UsHow can I contact you?

    You can simply drop us an email: info@carfordirhams.com or call us on the telephone numbers shown in contact us page. You can also fill up the contact form available on our Contact Us page, and we will get back to you.