carfordirhams.com is no stranger to the marketplace; nor is it unknown to the customers. Started by our family since 1978 in Sharjah, before expansion to Dubai in 2012, carfordirhams.com is a family-run enterprise that has come a long way from its humble beginnings. It thrived initially due to the straightforward and fair approach of our founders. The shift from conventional to online buying process entails a great deal of change, during which we maintained our ethics, professionalism and even our showrooms. After 40 years in conventional pre-owned car buying process, it is high time for us to shift to the online process.

Our simple and direct approach has stood us in good stead and we are today a leading name in the automotive sector. During the course of building up the business, we have accumulated deep insights in car trading which have added a huge wealth of knowledge and experience.

Our manpower deserves our gratitude and appreciation for the way they were instrumental in fetching our company the reputation as a market leader. Armed with the stupendous success of our enterprise, we maintain a team of professional buyers whose technical knowledge and expertise in the automotive sector are second to none.

Let us tell you that buying a car is not an easy task; on the contrary, it can be a tough proposition sometimes thankless, sometimes tiring but mostly rewarding. In spite of hardships they face during the selling process, they make the task look remarkably easy and hassle-free for sellers.

The processes they adopt in making a deal can be very tricky but they, at the end of the day, give you, our customer, the best deal. In representing us, they have our total support and backing since they are efficiency personified. They provide you with excellent customer service while making a safe and win-win deal. That is how they give a solid shape to our aspirations, priorities, and goals.

We at carfordirhams.com are a customer centric organization. Our hard work and dedication has given us the success that you see today. Along the line, we have enriched our experience. Thus, service with a smile comes easily to our experienced functionaries.

To facilitate the smooth functioning of our enterprise it is necessary to have the right number of people with the right skill sets on hand. As an experienced agency, we do not allow a situation where the work suffers due to the shortage of staff. Hence, we organize the staff strength to ideally cater comfortably to the requirements of various seasons and exigencies.

We learnt quite early that a businessman can never compromise on services to the consumer. So, customer care remains the top priority for carfordirhams.com. Hence, we maintain a sizable team of trained professionals who take proper care of your requirements and make us proud. Most of the time, the deal is finalized by our team online, before they reach the customer. Then all that remains is to sign on the dotted line and give the cash to the seller.

Some of our car buyers have been in the line for about 40 years. In fact, they are all-round experts since they are versatile in their knowledge of all brands and models.

Despite the fact that carfordirhams.com is a new brand in the pre-owned car market, but it is run by a highly skilled team of veterans and young car buyers. Some of our team members have been in this industry for about 40 years. We promise to maintain:

  • A simple, transparent and fair dealing.
  • Hassle-free car buying process.
  • Fair price without underestimation.
  • Instant cash in advance.
  • We complete the paperwork for our customer.
  • Human valuation process for higher quotes.
  • Buy all types of cars, vans and motorbikes.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Quote valid for 7 days.
  • You can use the fast valuation form for emergency sale.
  • Free collection all over the UAE.